Providing a simple solution for repeatable, sensitive laundry and dishwasher detergent testing, Copley’s TRG 800i offers rapid and reliable testing for formulation, QC and comparative performance testing applications.

TRG 800i

Robust metal case with advanced corrosion protective coating

Intuitive touchscreen control with icon-based menu structure simplifies operation and clearly displays test parameters throughout run

Unidirectional and/or bidirectional agitator pattern for the most representative cycle testing

Independent digital heater/circulator maintains a constant temperature and minimises vibration

Optional: Refrigeration unit for cold cycle testing (>10°C)


‘Easy-Centre’ centring system for precise vessel positioning

Easy-clean Viton® membrane-sealed zero-evaporation lids included as standard

PT100 temperature probe monitors bath and vessel temperature with electronic calibration feature

TRG 800i - Detergent Tester

The TRG 800i is supplied with resin paddles as standard.

We also offer optional paddles with holes for fabric attachment (catalogue number: 6404A), which accept up to 12, 5 cm x 5 cm or 6, 8 cm x 8 cm swatches, meaning the TRG 800i can test between 48 or 96 individual swatches simultaneously (42 or 84 where refrigeration unit used).

A separate attachment is also available for the evaluation of detergents used in domestic dishwashers (see TRG 800i Accessories below for further details).

Catalogue Number:


Number of Test Stations:

Up to 8

Heater Temperature Range:

Ambient – 70°C (10°C – 70°C with optional Refrigeration Unit)

Agitator Speed Range:

20 – 220 rpm

Set of 8 SS Paddles with holes for fabric attachment Catalogue Number:


Dishwasher Slide Accessory for Tergotometer Catalogue Number:


Unit Dimensions (w x d x h):

728 x 490 x 772 mm (TRGi unit only)

260 x 330 x 150 mm (heater)

350 x 470 x 300 mm (refrigeration unit)

TRG 800i Highlights

Boosts testing throughput by up to 8 times compared with conventional domestic appliances

Precision control of test parameters for accurate and reproducible detergent testing

Lower energy consumption compared with standard domestic appliances

Smaller quantities of test materials, water and detergents are required per test compared to standard domestic appliances

Space-saving benchtop system saves precious laboratory space compared with traditional appliances

Extensive data reporting output options: RS 232, USB A and USB B

Tergotometer TRG 800i

Tergotometer Applications

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of soap detergents etc.
  • Assessing washability and colour fastness of fabrics and other materials
  • Optimising washing conditions for detergents (e.g. temperature and water hardness)
  • Routine screening for dirt removal
  • Assessing brightening, softening and foaming
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TRG 800i Accessories

Refrigeration Unit

To support the testing of detergents designed to work at cooler temperatures, Copley offers an optional refrigeration unit (ambient down to 10 degrees C).

Note: Use of the refrigeration unit reduces the number of usable test stations to seven.

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Refrigeration Unit

Dishwasher Accessory

Dishwasher detergents can be tested using a special accessory affixed to the conventional agitator in each tergotometer vessel.

Assess the performance of dishwasher detergents using test cycles as short as 10 minutes with the specialist dishwasher accessory (please note, pre-stained sample slides are not included with the Dishwasher Accessory)

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Dishwasher Accessory

Stainless Steel Bath

Ideal for testing detergent performance at temperatures up to 70 degrees C.

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Stainless Steel Bath

Pre-Stained Samples

Pre-stained and pre-soiled fabric swatches and tiles are available from the Center for Test materials B.V. (www.cftbv.nl) and are pre-stained to customer selection (e.g. crème brûlée, egg yolk, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti Bolognese).

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Pre-Stained Samples

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