Semi-Automation for APSD Testing

Copley supplies a broad range of labour-saving devices and semi-automated systems for Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution applications.

NGI Assistant - Sample Recovery

The NGI Assistant is a labour-saving device that places a known quantity of solvent in each cup of three NGI cup trays, gently agitates the contents in order to dissolve the active drug in solvent and then places a representative sample of solution from each of the cups into HPLC vials for subsequent analysis. Processing up to 3 NGI collection cup trays in as little as 30 minutes, the NGI Assistant can also be used to process NGI induction ports and preseparators ready for HPLC analysis.

  • Robust, low maintenance platform

  • Designed for processing of NGI collection cups, NGI Preseparators and NGI Induction Ports

  • Frees up analyst time

  • Reduces intra- and inter-analyst sample processing variability

  • Provides a platform that can be reproduced used at multiple location with confidence

  • Compatible with a range of solvents (e.g. water, methanol, acetonitrile)

  • Handles up to 4 solvents, plus buffer

  • System safety enclosure included as standard

  • CE Certified

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