Introduction to Detergent Testing

The testing of detergents and associated products can be extremely time-consuming necessitating extended testing to generate the statistical data required to justify any claims as to the efficacy of the product by the formulator.

The ability of a detergent product to remove stains or affect colour changes within a fabric is dependent on a number of factors: the fabric under test, the degree and type of soiling or staining, the temperature and sometimes pH and hardness of the water used in the test, the stirrer speed and the wash and rinse times employed.

The Tergotometer (or Terg-o-tometer) combines eight miniature washing machine simulators within a single bench top instrument allowing eight samples to be processed simultaneously under identical conditions of speed, time and temperature. This approach has numerous advantages over the Wascator or Launderometer (or Launder-o-meter) commonly used for laundry detergent testing.

Once processed, the samples can be analysed by comparison with a grey scale or by measuring the reflectance of the samples concerned using a suitable colorimeter. Whiteness and yellowness indices can also be employed.

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