Fast Screening Impactor (FSI)

Based on proven NGI Preseparator technology, the Fast Screening Impactor (FSI) represents a purpose-made approach to AIM that segregates the dose into Coarse Particle Mass (CPM) and Fine Particle Mass (FPM) making it suitable for AIM-HRT applications (i.e. FSI-HRT) for MDIs, DPIs and nasal sprays.

A range of inserts is available, generating a 5 micron cut-off diameter within the flow rate range of 30-100 L/min at 5L/min intervals, making it ideal for DPIs tested at a flow rate that equates to a 4 kPa pressure drop over the inhaler.

The FSI uses the same Induction Port as the NGI. It employs a two-stage separation process in which first large non-inhalable boluses are captured in a liquid trap followed by a fine-cut impaction stage at 5 microns.

Bespoke inserts are available on request with a range of cut-off diameter/flow rate combinations allowing for a FSI-QC version.

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