Introduction to Abbreviated Impactor Measurement

The concept of Abbreviated Impactor Measurement (AIM) as typified by the two stage Glass Impinger is not new. The initiatives in recent years have centered around abbreviated versions of the Andersen Cascade Impactor.

AIM is founded on the basis that once the full Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (APSD) profile of the product has been established in development using a full-resolution cascade impactor (and the process validated) then for product batch release testing and QC applications, it is possible to use simpler but highly sensitive metrics, solely to determine of the product is fit for purpose. This is known as Efficient Data Analysis (EDA).

Although EDA can be applied to full-resolution impactor testing, its true value comes from combining it with an Abbreviated Impactor since only a reduced number of stages are required, speeding up throughput and reducing operator error.

Abbreviated Impactor Measurement has also been suggested as a possible useful tool in R&D for the fast screening of new formulations in product development.

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