Alberta Idealised Throat (AIT)

For more than a decade, researchers at the Aerosol Research Laboratory, University of Alberta, Canada have been working to develop a more suitable representation of the mouth-throat for routine cascade impactor testing, aiming to produce an interface that is both easy to manufacture and reflective of in vivo behaviour, a solution that lies part way between the human throat cast and the pharmacopoeial induction port.

The Alberta Idealised Throat (AIT) was developed as a result of extensive research into typical patient populations including information provided by CT and MRI scans, direct visual observation of living subjects and data in the archival literature.

The throat has a standardised, highly reproducible, human like geometry offering robust performance independent of flow rate.

Its smooth, more uniform internal geometry has been specifically designed to make drug recovery quick and simple in comparison with a human throat cast. Quick release clips make for easy internal access.

The Alberta Idealised Throat (AIT) is based on adult geometry, but child and infant geometries are available on request.

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