Introduction to Improved IVIVC

Better In Vitro – In Vivo Correlation (IVIVC) has long been an industry aim. This is particularly difficult in the case of inhaled and nasal products because of the complications involved in precisely correlating drug deposition behaviour with clinical efficacy, the impact of patient-to-patient variability and the complex interaction between formulation and device.

One strategy for improving the significance of cascade impaction data is to modify the test set-up in order to mimic the in vivo drug delivery process more closely.

Two factors that have been identified as critical to this process are:

1. Replacing the existing Ph.Eur./USP Induction Port with a mouth/throat model having a more realistic human-like geometry.

2. Replacing the existing constant flow rate conditions employed in testing with breathing profiles more representative of conditions in vivo.

The Alberta Idealised Throat (AIT) and the Mixing Inlet are two devices designed to address these particular problems.

To see an animation of a system for improving IVIVCs for inhaled drug products, please click on the following link: System for Improved In Vitro-In Vivo Correlations (IVIVCs) of Inhaled Drug Products

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