Next Generation Impactor (NGI)

In 1997, a group of prominent pharmaceutical companies came together in the form of a consortium with the express intent of developing a new impactor specifically for inhaled and nasal products.

The result, the Next Generation Impactor (NGI), was launched in 2000 and subsequently accepted into the Pharmacopoeias in 2005. The NGI has seven stages, five of which are in the range 0.5 to 5 microns plus a micro-orifice collector which acts as a final filter and a horizontal planar layout adopted for ease of operation and automation.

The air flow passes through the impactor in a saw tooth pattern. Particle sizing is achieved by successively increasing the velocity of the air stream by forcing it though a series of nozzles containing progressively reducing jet diameters.

The resultant samples from each stage are collected in a series of collection cups. A removable tray holds all the sample collection cups such that all the cups can be removed and/or replaced in one single operation.

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