Data Analysis Software

Ph.Eur. Chapter 2.9.18 and USP Chapter <601> both specify various types of multi-stage cascade impactor that can be used for measuring the particle size distribution of inhalers together with instructions as to how the resulting data should be analysed. Hitherto, this data analysis has largely been performed using a variety of techniques with little attention being paid to standardisation and validation.

Copley Inhaler Testing Data Analysis Software (CITDAS) Version 3.10 is a proven third generation software programme designed specifically for the simple and rapid processing of impactor drug deposition data according to pharmacopoeial requirements. It has an existing database of over 300 users.

Based on over 18 years of experience, CITDAS can be installed and up and running in minutes – it requires no specialist IT knowledge to install and does not require 21 CFR 11 because the data output is in hard copy format. It will accept data from the Andersen Cascade Impactor, the Multi-Stage Liquid Impinger, the Marple-Miller Impactor or the Next Generation Impactor.

Provision is made to customise the data options to individual needs.

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