Mouthpiece Adapters

The mouthpiece adapters supplied by Copley Scientific are specially moulded from high quality silicone rubber in order to guarantee an airtight seal between the inhaler under test and the test apparatus.

There is no standard mouthpiece adapter per se as each inhaler design is different. Adapters are available however for the more common devices on the market (see ordering information).

For other unlisted inhalers, we require a sample of the inhaler to be tested, so that we can make a “cast” of the mouthpiece and produce an appropriate moulding tool.

This moulding tool is then used to mould the mouthpiece adapter(s) to that particular inhaler design.

The tool is then supplied along with the mouthpiece adapter(s) to the user so that it can be reused should any additional mouthpiece adapters be required of that design, in the future.

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