Vacuum Pumps

At the heart of every inhaler testing system is the Pump. The Pharmacopoeias are careful to point out that “a vacuum pump with excess capacity must be selected in order to draw air at the designated volumetric flow rate” through the system and in the case of Dry Powder Inhalers, to generate sonic flow.

Copley Scientific offers a choice of three pumps dependent on the set-up concerned and the capacity required.

Foremost in the design specification were those features that you, the user, identified as being essential to inhaler testing, namely that the pump should:

  • be equipped with the correct fittings to link to the test system concerned
  • have sufficient capacity to provide the required test flow and in the case of DPIs to ensure critical (sonic) flow
  • have low noise levels, suitable for a laboratory environment
  • be low maintenance

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