DUSA Shaker

All of the tests involved in Delivered Dose Uniformity require the collection and drug recovery of individual doses into the collection tube of a Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus (DUSA) appropriate to its type (MDI or DPI) prior to assay.

To maximise throughput, most users utilise a number of collection tubes to collect the required samples. Once the samples have been collected, solvent is added to each of the tubes and the tubes shaken manually to facilitate drug recovery.

This manual shaking process is time consuming, variable (both inter- and intra- analyst) due to inconsistent and incomplete wetting of the internal surfaces and can lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI).

The DUSA Shaker uses a combination of lateral (side-to-side) shaking whilst simultaneously rolling the tubes to automate the internal rinsing of the DUSA collection tubes whilst freeing up analysts to perform other tasks and reducing analyst exposure to RSI.

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