Gentle Rocker

A significant number of procedures performed during inhaler testing are highly repetitive and their performance can lead to bottlenecks which compromise overall laboratory operations and efficiency.

Relatively simple and inexpensive sample recovery tools have been designed to alleviate such problems and to ensure testing is carried out in a consistent, reproducible and controlled fashion.

The NGI Gentle Rocker, for example, is a simple economical device for gently agitating the contents of the NGI collection cups in order to dissolve the active drug in the solvent prior to analysis.

The unit comprises a pivoting platform specifically designed to accept the NGI cup collection tray linked to a synchronous motor drive unit and controller.

In operation, the Gentle Rocker rocks back and forth about a central longitudinal axis. The resulting constant motion helps to dissolve the drug in a controlled manner freeing up analyst time for other tasks.

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