Delivered Dose Sampling Apparatus for Spacers and VHCs

The coordination required by the patient to synchronise the actuation of the inhaler with inhalation can be a problem when using pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) particularly in the young, old or chronically ill. Add-on devices, such as spacers and valved holding chambers (VHCs), eliminate this problem by providing a reservoir of aerosolised particles that during treatment, the patient inhales from via a mouthpiece or facemask.

Two “delivered dose” tests are described in the Pharmacopoeia to determine the total mass of drug delivered from the spacer or VHC dependent on whether the device is intended for use with a mouthpiece (Part 2) or a facemask (Part 3).

Both of the apparatuses supplied by Copley to meet these tests comprise a breathing simulator to generate the specified breath profile, a filter holder containing the filter to capture the active drug and a suitable mouthpiece adapter to connect the filter holder to the mouthpiece of the spacer/VHC concerned.

In the case of the facemask apparatus, the unit is supplied in addition with a choice of face model (infant, child or adult) together with a securing device designed to hold the facemask in contact with the face model in a manner representative of conditions in vivo.

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