Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus (DUSA) for MDIs

The Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus (DUSA) for MDIs consists of one collection tube, two rinsing caps, one filter support cap, one flow meter adapter and a starter pack of filters supplied in a handy carrying case.

The standard collection tube itself and associated caps are manufactured from TecaPro MT, an FDA approved inert polypropylene specifically formulated for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Alternative materials are available on request e.g. aluminium or 316 stainless steel. All tubes and caps are laser numbered to assist in traceability.

The sample collection tube is fitted with a 25 mm glass fibre filter having a typical aerosol retention of 0.3 microns. It has a volume of approx. 50 mL which equates to that of the human oropharynx.

The standard unit comes with silicone rubber seals. LDPE seals are available as an option, where extractables may be an issue.

For comprehensive product details, specifications and part numbers, please request a copy of our brochure “Quality Solutions for Inhaler Testing”.