Waste Shot Collector

Both European and US Pharmacopoeia state that tests should be carried out on a minimum of 10 containers and that in the case of multiple-dose devices tests should be carried out throughout the life of the inhaler i.e. Dose Uniformity over the Entire Contents.

For an inhaler having a label claim of 200 doses, this could mean firing each unit 200 times with no less than 190 shots being fired to waste for each individual container.

Traditionally, this firing to waste is carried out in a fume cupboard or into some specially built evacuation system which removes the drug particles from the atmosphere, or to a large filtering system which traps the drug. Such facilities may not always be available or suitable for this application.

The Waste Shot Collector WSC2 is a compact vacuum filtration system suitable for use with both MDI and DPI applications.

The user simply places the inhaler in the mouthpiece of the Waste Shot Collector and fires a shot in the normal manner. The waste dose is captured in a disposable cartridge containing a HEPA filter capable of retaining 99.97% of particles over 0.3 microns.

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