System Suitability - Impactor Leak Testing

The seals on cascade impactors can deteriorate with repeated use and exposure to solvent. Leaks then occur which because the system operates under vacuum allows air into the system causing erroneous results due to incorrect flow rates and poor aerodynamic performance.

For this reason, all cascade impactors should be tested on a regular basis to check the integrity of the sealing system. The most common method is to use a Leak Test Kit to block the entry to the impactor inlet, generate a vacuum within the impactor using a vacuum source and then monitor any rise in pressure using a pressure meter located within the enclosed system.

This method is sensitive, accurate, straightforward and fast. It is ideal for verification checks during the life of the impactor or, indeed, as a fast system suitability test before an impactor is used.

For comprehensive product details, specifications and part numbers, please request a copy of our brochure “Quality Solutions for Inhaler Testing”.