Spray Force and Plume Temperature Testing (Cold FreonĀ®)

Spray pattern and plume geometry are common techniques employed in the pharmaceutical industry to characterise and quantify the shape of the emitted spray from Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) and Nasal Sprays.

However, possibly of as much concern as either of these two parameters is the reaction of the user to the impaction force of the MDI or spray on the throat or nasal passages.

The “cold Freon®” effect (the initial reaction to the cold blast of MDI propellant on the back of the throat) can often result in the patient aborting the inhalation process and hence receiving inconsistent delivery to the lungs. Similar reactions can be generated by nasal sprays.

The “cold Freon®” effect is a function of aerosol spray force and plume temperature.

The Spray Force Tester Model SFT 1000 and Plume Temperature Tester Model PTT 1000 are two simple instruments designed to quantify these two essential parameters.

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