Disintegration Tester Accessories

Copley Scientific offers a complete range of accessories for
use with the DTG series, from complete basket rack assemblies to individual tubes, disks and sieve meshes.

All parts are manufactured to tolerances that are equal to or
better than those quoted in the respective Pharmacopoeias and carefully checked prior to despatch.

Two of the more popular items of interest are:

Basket Rack Assembly cover for hard and soft gelatine capsules (as per USP Chapter <701>).
Converts standard basket to special cover version for testing hard or soft gelatine capsules according to USP Chapter <701>.

Special Basket Rack Assembly for Large Tablets and Capsules.
Special basket rack assembly for large tablets, capsules and boluses according to Ph.Eur. Chapter 2.9.1 Test B and for dietary supplements according to USP Chapter <2040>.

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