Tablet Hardness Tester TBF 1000

The Tablet Hardness Tester Model TBF 1000 combines the economy of a simple easy to use tester with the performance and accuracy of microprocessor controlled data collection.

Foremost in the design specification were those features that you, the user, identified as being essential to the “ideal” hardness tester.

You told us, for example, that the unit must be as compact as possible such that it could be used in the confines of the tablet press booth. So, we made it compact.

You told us that the unit should be simple to operate – the TBF 1000 employs just three touch sensitive keys located on the front panel to set up, perform a test and provide a print-out of the results.

At the same time, you asked for a number of advanced and sophisticated features – so we provided them plus a small QWERTY keyboard located in the base of the instrument to access them.

On completion of the test, the TBF 1000 automatically prints out the results and statistical analysis. Attach a balance and/or thickness gauge and the TBF 1000 will collect weight and thickness data as well.

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