Copley Inhaler Testing Data Analysis Software (CITDAS) Version 3.10 is a proven third generation software programme designed specifically for the simple and rapid processing of impactor drug deposition data according to pharmacopoeial requirements. It has an existing database of over 300 users.

CITDAS - Key Features

CITDAS is supplied as standard with full supporting validation documentation, which provides verification of the correct storage of input parameters and details of the algorithms, methods and conclusions employed to calculate the results.

  • Standardised approach to the analysis of impactor data

  • Accepts data from ACI, MSLI, MMI and NGI

  • Instant comparison of up to 12 runs

  • Auto-correction of results to allow for impactor calibration differences and/or differing flow rates

  • Fine Particle Dose (FPD) selection based on either impactor stage or aerodynamic particle size (e.g. 5 µm)

  • Shot weight report option

  • Automatic calculation of FPD, FPF, MMAD and GSD

  • On-screen graphs in either histogram, log probability or cumulative formats

  • Full printouts in both Ph.Eur. and USP formats, incl. graphical, tabular and group summaries

  • Fully updated to reflect the definitive archival calibrationof the NGI at 15 L/ min so as to include Nebulisers

  • Facility to import/export data as CSV files for manipulation in Microsoft Excel or similar software packages

  • Stage groupings



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