Semi-Automation for APSD Testing

Copley supplies a broad range of labour-saving devices and semi-automated systems for Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution applications.

NGI Assistant – Sample Recovery

NGI Assistant – Sample Recovery

The NGI Assistant is a labour-saving device that places a known quantity of solvent in each cup of three NGI cup trays, gently agitates the contents in order to dissolve the active drug in solvent and then places a representative sample of solution from each of the cups into HPLC vials for subsequent analysis. Processing up to 3 NGI collection cup trays in as little as 30 minutes, the NGI Assistant can also be used to process NGI induction ports and preseparators ready for HPLC analysis.

Robust, low maintenance platform

Designed for processing of NGI collection cups, NGI Preseparators and NGI Induction Ports

Frees up analyst time

Reduces intra- and inter-analyst sample processing variability

Provides a platform that can be reproduced used at multiple location with confidence

Compatible with a range of solvents (e.g. water, methanol, acetonitrile)

Handles up to 4 solvents, plus buffer

System safety enclosure included as standard

CE Certified

Product Features

Significantly improves productivity

~30 minutes to process 3 collection cup trays (depending on method)

Easy method transfer

‘Load-and-go’ walkaway operation

Customisable recovery methods

Security and electronic records management safeguard data integrity

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