Inhaled Dissolution

In the case of inhaled and nasal drug delivery products, once the drug is deposited to the target site, the absorption or lung uptake, and hence the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug, depends on the active dissolving in the small amounts of aqueous fluid and lung surfactant available.

Inhaled Dissolution Dose Collector (IDDC)

The Inhaled Dissolution Dose Collector Model (IDDC) is designed to overcome these issues in a simple, flexible and easy-to-use system. The IDDC consists of an inlet, which can accommodate a range of upstream particle sizing components, and a removable filter holder. The removable filter holder itself has a detachable insert, which can be transferred to the dissolution vessel of a regular USP Method 2 type of tablet dissolution tester with ease. The IDDC can be fitted with any of the following inlet components alone or in combination:

  • Alberta Idealised Throat (Adult or Child Version)

  • USP Induction Port

  • NGI Preseparator

  • Fast Screening Impactor (FSI) Housing and Insert

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DISi Dissolution Tester Series

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