Breathing Simulators

Representative breathing patterns should be employed during inhaler testing that characterise the age and condition of the patients to be treated (paediatric to geriatric, mild to severe impairment of the lungs).
The Copley range of Breathing Simulators are designed to generate an inhalation and/or exhalation profile that mimics that of a human subject and have become routinely used in orally inhaled product testing to replace existing constant flow conditions with breathing profiles more representative of conditions in vivo.

Breathing Simulator BRS 200i

BRS 200i - Breathing Simulator

The BRS 200i is a breathing simulator with up to 900 mL volume suitable for the testing of Nebulisers and MDIs with Spacers and Valve Holding Chambers (VHCs). Designed specifically to generate all of the breathing profiles used to measure the drug delivery rate and tidal drug delivered of nebulisers according to Ph. Eur. 2.9.44 and USP <1601> and <1602>, the BRS 200i is also suitable for generating other wave forms used in improved IVIVC studies.

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

  • Stores and recalls methods

  • Improved accuracy for infant and neonate profile volume requirements

  • Extensive data output options

BRS 200i Features
0 to 900 mL
6 - 60 bpm
I:E Ratio:
Sinusoidal, Square, Triangular, User defined (flow vs time)
Inhalation and/or Exhalation
On inhalation or exhalation stroke User defined profiles (flow vs time)
User Interface:
Testing Nebulisers (Ph. Eur. 2.9.44) and USP <1601> Testing MDIs with Spacers/VHCs (USP <1602> | Improving IVIVCs for MDIs with Spacers/VHCs and nebulisers: With Filter Holder and Adapter (Dose Uniformity) With Impactor and Mixing Inlet (APSD)

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