Copley Scientific introduces new inhaler product testing aid

9 December 2009; Nottingham, UK: The NGI cup coater is a new tool from Copley Scientific for use in semi-automated inhaler product testing.

The Next Generation Impactor (NGI) is used increasingly for aerodynamic particle size measurement, as prescribed by the regulators for all inhaled drug products. Applying a sticky layer to the cups of the impactor improves measurement accuracy, particularly for dry powder inhaler formulations, by reducing particle bounce and re-entrainment. Copley’s NGI cup coater automates this process replacing conventional coating methods such as spraying, dipping or pipetting, that are often manual, messy and time-consuming.

Automating the coating process frees up analysts to perform other tasks, eliminates the variability associated with a manual procedure and reduces solvent wastage. The cup coater is easy to use and holds a full set of 8 cups for simultaneous coating of all collection surfaces. The coating liquid, typically a solution of silicone oil, glycerol or PEG in a solvent such as hexane, is pumped into the rig to fill the cups and then the excess drawn out, the tray tilting to ensure the removal of all liquid. Fans assist in evaporating any remaining solvent leaving behind the sticky layer. The coating is dispensed in a fixed period of time, but the speed of the peristaltic pump used for filling and the drying time are variable, so the coating parameters can be adjusted in line with the viscosity of the solution.


About Copley Scientific

Copley Scientific is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of inhaler test equipment and is a major supplier of test equipment for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms, including tablet dissolution, disintegration, friability, hardness and powder testers. The company has offices in the UK and Switzerland and a partnership with aerosol particle science experts MSP Corporation in North America. Copley’s broad range of testing products for metered-dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers, nebulizers and nasal sprays are supplied and supported worldwide through close relationships with specialist distributors. Serving the pharmaceutical and associated industries, Copley offers an extensive range of equipment for research, development and quality control, as well as full validation and aftersales service, providing a single source for products that meet individual needs.