Copley Scientific to introduce new automation device for inhaled product testing at RDD 2010

16 February 2010; Nottingham, UK: Copley Scientific, sponsor of the Scientific Poster Session & Technology Exhibit at Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) 2010 (25-29 April; Orlando FL), will showcase the company’s new DUSA shaker at this event.

This small footprint unit automates the rinsing of DUSA collection tubes, increasing productivity and enhancing the reproducibility of drug recovery, especially for low solubility formulations. It also reduces the risk of operator exposure to repetitive strain injury.

Dose uniformity testing is mandatory for all inhaled products to confirm consistency from batch to batch and across the product lifetime. Individual shots are recovered from a DUSA collection tube by thorough rinsing, post-testing, with an appropriate solvent. This manually intensive agitation process is prone to inter- and intra-operator variability and any failure to adequately wet all internal walls compromises drug recovery and the integrity of the results.

The DUSA shaker holds up to 21 MDI or 12 DPI collection tubes on a series of rollers, subjecting them to a controlled lateral shake and rolling action; shaking frequency and duration can both be set according to test requirements. This process ensures that all internal surfaces are adequately wetted and that agitation is performed with a smooth and yet vigorous action. The unit can be supplied with supporting IQ/OQ documentation. It has a footprint of just 570 mm by 610 mm, making it ideal for the laboratory bench.

CAPTION: The new DUSA shaker from Copley Scientific

About Copley Scientific

Copley Scientific is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of inhaler test equipment and is a major supplier of test equipment for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms, including tablet dissolution, disintegration, friability, hardness and powder testers. The company has offices in the UK and Switzerland and a partnership with aerosol particle science experts MSP Corporation in North America. Copley’s broad range of testing products for metered-dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers, nebulizers and nasal sprays are supplied and supported worldwide through close relationships with specialist distributors. Serving the pharmaceutical and associated industries, Copley offers an extensive range of equipment for research, development and quality control, as well as full validation and aftersales service, providing a single source for products that meet individual needs.