Flow Controllers

Our Critical Flow Control TPK range and Breath Actuation Control BAC range are designed based on the requirements set out by both the European and the United States Pharmacopoeia for testing MDIs, DPIs, Nebulisers, ADIs and Nasal Products.

Breath Actuation Controller (BAC)

BAC 100i - Breath Actuation Controller

Providing and documenting all critical parameters measured in the delivered dose uniformity testing (DDU) and aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) of metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), our Breath Actuation Controller Model BAC 100i, features an electronically-operated timer-controlled two-way solenoid valve. Available with inlet/outlet reversed (BAC 100i-R), the BAC 100i series features the same flow meter, temperature and relative humidity connections and printing capabilities as found on the TPK 100i/-R.

  • Ideal for DDU/APSD measurement of both conventional and breath-actuated/MDIs

  • Simplified workflow with user-guided test set-up

  • Automatic calculation of test duration from volume and flow rate

  • Fully automated in situ impactor leak testing function with pass/fail

  • Spacer/VHC testing delay function

BAC 100i/-R: Technical Specifications
User interface:
Resistive touchscreen
Flow setting:
Temperature / relative humidity measurement capabilities:
MDI Actuation Sensor, Footswitch
Critical flow control:
Solenoid valve opening / closing time:
25 / 25 ms
Timer range:
0-600.0s resolution 0.1s
Dimensions (w x d x h):
415 x 315 x 250 mm

BAC 100i User Interface

  • Target v Actual test parameters (before test run)
  • Easy setting of time delay

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