Vacuum Pumps

At the heart of every inhaler testing system is the Pump. The Pharmacopoeias are careful to point out that “a vacuum pump with excess capacity must be selected in order to draw air at the designated volumetric flow rate” through the system and in the case of Dry Powder Inhalers, to generate sonic flow.
Copley offers a choice of three pumps dependent on the set-up concerned and the capacity required.

LCP6 - Low Capacity Vacuum Pump

Designed for optimal operation at low flow rates, the Low Capacity Pump Model LCP6 is ideal for MDIs and Nasal Sprays tested at 28.3 L/min. The flow rate can be adjusted between 0 and 133 L/min using the control valve on the front of the unit.

LCP6 Features

  • Low Capacity Pump Model LCP6
  • Small footprint
  • Optimal operation: Low flow rate
  • Ideal for testing: MDIs and nasal sprays tested at 28.3 or 30 L/min
  • Ideal for testing: Nebulisers tested at 15 L/min
  • Ideal for testing: Glass twin impingers at 60 L/min
  • Flow rate can be adjusted between 0 – 133 L/min free flow using flow control valve
  • Unit dimensions: 270 x 310 x 300 mm (w x d x h)

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