Welcome to our Inhaler Testing Academy™ – a ground-breaking initiative which offers attendees a unique learning experience designed to enhance their understanding of regulatory guidance, testing fundamentals, and the application of core orally inhaled and nasal drug product (OINDP) testing methods.

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About the Inhaler Testing Academy™

Designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals, this intensive one-day training session offers a comprehensive exploration of OINDP types, regulatory requirements, and essential testing methodologies. Led by our team of experts, attendees will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge equipment, delve into critical aspects like Delivered Dose Uniformity (DDU) and Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (APSD), and discover strategies for automation and variability reduction. Elevate your skills, network with industry peers, and embark on a journey of excellence in inhaler testing.

What to expect on the day

Get ready for a busy day at our Inhaler Testing Academy, where real-world insights and hands-on learning take centre stage. Participants will explore the world of OINDPs through engaging discussions and live equipment demonstrations. This isn’t just about learning – it’s a day to roll up your sleeves, experience the intricacies of inhaler testing, and leave with a newfound confidence in your role.

Benefits of attending the Inhaler Testing Academy™

Attendees will not just accumulate knowledge, but learn how to actively apply it. The unique combination of expert guidance and collaborative interactions ensures that every participant leaves not just educated, but truly equipped for excellence in inhaler testing. Our Inhaler Testing Academy helps unlock proficiency and innovation in the dynamic world of OINDPs; it is not merely just a course.

Why Choose our Academy?

With a growing interest in pulmonary and intranasal drug delivery, the pharmaceutical industry demands specialised knowledge. Our Academy addresses this need by providing introductory training for beginners and offering insights into innovations in test methods and equipment for experienced professionals.



Our training facilities in Nottingham, UK, provide an optimal environment for advancing your skills and knowledge.
Expert-Led Sessions

Expert-Led Sessions

Learn from friendly and experienced trainers with a proven record of expertise in OINDP testing and elevate your capabilities.
Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

These intensive one-day group training sessions combine engaging lectures with practical demonstrations and plenty of time for questions.

View the Inhaler Testing Academy™ Brochure

For further information about the Inhaler Testing Academy, take a look at our comprehensive brochure.

View the Inhaler Testing Academy Brochure

Inhaler Testing Academy™ – Session Highlights

The one-day Academy session is packed full of engaging lectures and practical demonstrations, covering regulatory guidance, testing fundamentals, and cutting-edge methodologies. Experience hands-on interaction with the latest OINDP testing equipment across the following topics:

An Exploration of OINDP Types

Dive into the world of OINDPs as we explore the different types, understanding their unique characteristics and applications. Gain insights into the nuances that set each type apart.

Navigating the OINDP Regulatory Landscape

Receive an overview of the current regulatory requirements governing OINDPs. Understand the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and adherence to industry standards.

Delivered Dose Uniformity (DDU): Unveiling the Basics

Embark on an introduction to DDU testing, a crucial aspect in OINDP testing. Witness a live equipment demonstration to bring theoretical knowledge to life.

Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (APSD) Fundamentals

Delve into the intricacies of APSD. Grasp the fundamental concepts and witness another engaging equipment demonstration and gain hands-on experience in cascade impaction.

Mastering APSD Data Analysis

Learn how to effectively manage APSD data analysis. Understand the significance of accurate analysis and its implications for product development and compliance.

Automation and Variability Reduction

Explore the role of automation in OINDP testing and discover strategies for reducing variability. Gain practical insights into streamlining processes for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

An Interactive Q&A Session

Engage with our experts in an interactive Q&A session. Clarify doubts, seek additional insights, and further solidify your understanding of the day’s topics.

Ready to Enrol in the Inhaler Testing Academy™?

The next Inhaler Testing Academy session will take place on 10 April 2024. Cost to attend is £495 (+VAT) per person. Spaces are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.

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