Tablet Thickness Testing

Easy-to-operate and portable tablet thickness testers for busy production environments

Copley’s range of calipers and thickness testers are simple and easy-to-use instruments, designed for use by the press operator on the compression floor.

Digital Caliper Model 500

Accepting tablets and similar samples up to a maximum size of 150mm, the inexpensive Digital Caliper 500 is a convenient, hand-held Digital Caliper, for quick, simple and convenient tablet thickness testing.

Supplied in a handy plastic storage case, the Digital Caliper 500 can be readily connected to data processor units for statistical process control.

Catalogue Number:


Max. Tablet Size:

150 mm


0.01 mm

Measurement Unit:

mm, inches

Measurement Modes:

Direct: Outside, Inside, Depth, Step

Data Output:

Analogue Display

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