New accessory completes Copley’s solution for automated nasal drug product testing

26 October 2021; Nottingham, UK: The latest accessory from Copley Scientific, the global leader in inhaled product testing equipment, simplifies the measurement of delivered dose uniformity for nasal drug products in accordance with the recently revised specifications in European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.)1 Chapter 0676 and US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Chapter <601>2. The new nasal dose uniformity sampling apparatus (DUSA) interface plate enables simple, leak-free connection between a standard DUSA and the nasal drug product to ensure complete dose capture. Designed for use with a Vertus II/Plus, Copley’s automated shake and fire system, it supports automated, high productivity, high repeatability testing. Introduction of the new interface means that all routine test set-ups for nasal drug products are now easily automated using Copley’s complete integrated solution.

Dose uniformity is a critical quality attribute for nasal drug products because of its direct impact on clinical efficacy. Dose uniformity measurements involve vertical or near vertical firing of the nasal drug product and capture of the released dose. Leakage and loss of dose, back on to the product nozzle, is a common problem, as is variability arising from manual product actuation.

The Vertus II/Plus is a well-established fully automated shake and fire system for nasal drug product actuation. Automated actuation of the nasal drug product reduces analytical variability, at the same time improving test productivity and reducing health and safety risks for analysts. With the introduction of the new interface, the Vertus II/Plus can now be used with:

  • A standard metered dose inhaler DUSA – as specified in recent revisions to the Ph. Eur. and USP, which are more prescriptive than preceding versions with respect to dose capture.
  • A Nasal Spray Dose Collector – an accessory designed specifically for nasal drug product testing that combines highly efficient drug capture and ease-of-use.
  • A Nasal Spray Waste Collector – for firing to waste under representative conditions.

Together these products represent a complete solution for dose uniformity for nasal drug product dose uniformity testing. Furthermore, the Vertus II/Plus can be interfaced with any routinely used cascade impactor, via an expansion chamber or Alberta Idealised Nasal Inlet, to measure the aerodynamic particle size distribution of the respirable fraction of the dose, to assess the risk of drug delivery via the lungs. Such testing is recommended by the regulators for both new and generic products.

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1 Ph. Eur. 10.5 Nasal Preparations, Nasalia. 01/2021:0676.
2 USP Chapter <601> ‘Aerosols, Nasal Sprays, Metered Dose Inhalers and Dry Powder Inhalers’


DUSA Interface Plate for Nasal Sprays

CAPTION: The new nasal DUSA interface combines with the Vertus II/Plus to provide an efficient, productive, easy-to-use solution for nasal spray drug product testing.


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Copley Scientific is widely recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of inhaler test equipment and is a major provider of testing systems for other pharmaceutical dosage forms. The company also supplies equipment for detergent testing.

Copley’s pharmaceutical product range includes test equipment for all types of orally inhaled and nasal drug products – metered-dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers, nebulisers and nasal sprays – with a particular focus on solutions for delivered dose uniformity and aerodynamic particle size distribution measurement. It also includes testers for tablets (dissolution, disintegration, friability and hardness) capsules, powders, suppositories, semisolids and transdermals.

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