Faces of Copley

Find out more about what we do from some of our team members here at Copley

Mark Copley

Chief Executive Officer

As global leaders in testing equipment for inhalers and other dosage forms, we routinely break new ground with innovative products for faster, more reliable and more patient representative testing. A defining focus for Copley is the evolution of our extensive product portfolio to allow customers to answer to increasingly complex regulatory requirements, as efficiently as possible.

Richard Postlethwaite

Chief Operating Officer

We work hard to maintain the highest standard across both our product and service offerings by ensuring we remain adaptable and responsive to the ever changing needs of our market. We continually review ways in which we can optimise our production processes and develop our global customer support strategies, promoting the company’s continued growth towards operational excellence and an efficient and sustainable future.

Ben Bradley

Head of Product Development

The team constantly looks for new ways of developing testing solutions for customers and expanding existing product applications in response to emerging technologies and ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny. We strive to put the next-generation of pharmaceutical testing tools into the hands of our customers, by partnering with users and suppliers to develop and provide innovative high quality products and services.

Paulina Kicinska

Customer Account Manager

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. They can have peace of mind knowing that our dedicated team are always on hand to answer questions, troubleshoot and provide on-site support. It is extremely rewarding to be working on high quality products that we know will bring real value to our customers and we look forward to delivering them with exemplary levels of customer service.

David Treasure

Product Support Engineer – Technical Lead

The Support team here at Copley Scientific regularly undergoes comprehensive training to ensure we are equipped with the latest product and regulatory information, so that we are able to provide the best possible service, technical and sales support to our customers. We have a reputation as global providers of quality pharmaceutical testing equipment and this is underpinned by high levels of technical knowledge that our Support team has.