DDU of Aqueous Droplet Inhalers (ADIs)

Both MDIs and DPIs suffer from the same two inherent problems: low lung deposits (typically 5-20%) and dose variability (often due to patient difficulties in coordination or inspiration). Aqueous Droplet Inhalers (often known as “Solution Metering” or “Soft Mist” Inhalers), are a new generation of inhaler designed to overcome these problems. Since they are active, aqueous-based devices, the DDU testing of ADIs is similar to that of MDIs, with testing carried out at a constant flow rate of 28.3 L/min.

DDU of Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs)

DDU Over the Entire Contents

In the case of multiple dose devices, tests might need to be carried out throughout the life of the inhaler i.e. dose uniformity over the entire contents.

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We also offer a range of equipment for additional MDI testing application support:

Semi-Automation Tools

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