Powder Testing

Copley offers a range of tools for all Pharmacopoeial assessments of powder flow and density, including equipment to assess flow through an orifice, angle of repose, shear cell as well as compressibility index and Hausner ratio.

Bulk Powder Density Tester (Scott Volumeter)

Stainless steel bottom funnel

A baffle box with four glass plates over which the powder slides and bounces as it passes

A cylindrical receiving cup having a capacity of 25 +/- 0.05 mL

Bulk Powder Density Tester (Scott Volumeter)

The Scott Volumeter bulk density tester is described in both Ph. Eur. and USP. It is designed for measuring the bulk density of fine powders and similar products.

A comparison of the bulk and tapped densities of powders can give an indication of the type of interaction present between the various particles making up the powder mass. This provides an index of powder flowability.

Catalogue Number:


Pharmacopoeial Compliance:

Ph. Eur. 2.9.34

USP <616>

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