Critical Flow and Breath Actuation Control

Copley’s Critical Flow Control TPK range and Breath Actuation Control BAC range are designed based on the requirements set out by both the European and the United States Pharmacopoeia for testing MDIs, DPIs, Nebulisers, ADIs and Nasal Products.

TPK - Critical Flow Controller

The Critical Flow Controller TPK is designed to control the test conditions needed when analysing Dry Powder Inhalers.The factors that affect these test conditions are:

  • The resistance to flow posed by the inhaler under test

  • The appropriate flow rate, Q, required to generate a 4 kPa pressure drop over the inhaler

  • The duration of inspiration required to give the specified test volume

  • The stability of the flow rate in terms of critical (sonic) flow

Product Features

  • Conforms to specifications - both Ph.Eur. Chapter 2.9.18 and USP Chapter <601>
  • Differential pressure meter for measuring pressure drop, P1 (Range: 0 to 100 kPa, Resolution: 0.1 kPa)
  • Flow control valve to adjust flow rate
  • Timer-controlled solenoid valve to adjust duration of flow (Range: 0 to 999.9 seconds, Resolution: 0.1 seconds)
  • Absolute pressure meter for confirming sonic flow, P2 and P3 (Range: 0 to 100 kPa, Resolution 0.1 kPa)
  • Membrane keypad control
  • LED display of differential and absolute pressure values
  • LCD back-lit display of set and elapsed actuation times
  • 2-way/2-port solenoid valve
  • Electronic timer for control of solenoid valve
  • Conforms to specifications - both Ph.Eur. Chapter 2.9.18 and USP Chapter <601>

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