Cold Freon® Effect

Cold Freon®” effect is the inadvertent reaction to the chilling sensation that hits the back of the throat following actuation of usually MDIs or Nasal devices. Caused by impaction of the delivered dose and the rapid evaporation of any remaining propellant, the “cold Freon®” effect strongly influences the efficiency of drug delivery. It may, for example, cause the patient to abort or be unsuccessful in completing the inhalation manoeuvre.

Plume Temperature Tester Model PTT 1000

The Plume Temperature Tester Model PTT 1000 consists of a polypropylene sampling tube, which has the same internal dimensions as the horizontal section of the USP Induction Port. The temperature profile of the plume is measured by 4 centrally aligned thermocouples mounted vertically at 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm from the inlet and linked to a data acquisition system under the control of a PC. The thermocouples are easily removed for cleaning and calibration.

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