NGI Cooler™

Exacerbated evaporation caused by the thermal mass of the NGI may be an issue for devices such as nebulisers that deliver the drug as an aerolised solution. Loss of solvent reduces droplet size, producing artificially low particle size measurements, compromising APSD data integrity. The NGI Cooler™ is designed to cool the impactor to overcome the issue of droplet size change due to evaporation.

NGI Cooler

The NGI Cooler™ is designed to support testing in a temperature-controlled environment, cooling the impactor to 5°C to overcome the issue of droplet size change due to evaporation.

  • Ph. Eur. and USP compliant, EPAG-recommended

  • Precise temperature control

  • Comfortably accommodates NGI in open or closed position

  • Easy access via large front and rear doors

  • Twin side access ports for the nebuliser (and mixing inlet if used)

  • Additional space for cooling of other components, such as collection cups meaning multiple test can occur in quick succession

NGI Cooler™ Technical Specifications
Temperature range
0◦C and ambient (typically 5◦C to 10◦C)
Temperature accuracy
+/- 1.5 ◦C
Dimensions (w x d x h)
1000 x 500 x 575 mm
APSD - Nebuliser with an NGI

NGI Cooler™ Stand

Saving precious benchtop space, the NGI Cooler™ Stand raises the NGI Cooler™ to eye level making operation convenient for the user, creating an area underneath to place any additional ancillaries and components.

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