Copley Scientific offers valuable opportunities for expert engagement

29 August 2018; Nottingham, UK: An engaging autumn conference schedule provides customers with valuable opportunities to access expert advice from the Copley Scientific global team, as well as to see the company’s latest products. China is a primary geographical focus with two key events on the horizon.

At a joint AAPSCDG/NIFDC/IPAC-RS workshop focusing on Inhalation Preparations and Novel Drug Delivery in Beijing, Sept 13th – 14th, Mr Mark Copley, CEO, Copley Scientific, will present on the topic of ‘Improving the Clinical Relevance of In-vitro Testing Methods for Orally Inhaled Products.’ Greater clinical relevance enhances the value of in vitro testing in product development and in the demonstration of bioequivalence and is an important goal for the industry. Mr Copley will discuss how test set-ups can be refined to boost clinical realism without introducing excessive complexity.

Nebulisers will be the focus at the Inhalation Drug Delivery Association (IDDA) Conference 2018, Oct 19th – 21st, Nanjing, where Copley is sponsoring a workshop which will be led by Dr Anny Shen, a leading expert in inhaled drug delivery and Copley’s representative in China. Nebulisers are widely used in China and testing is complicated by the need to simulate the tidal breathing pattern applied by the patient during product use. Breathing simulators are vital for delivered dose uniformity (DDU) testing and are also now increasingly deployed to gather more representative aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) data. Dr Shen will be demonstrating optimized and efficient test set-ups for all requirements.

Lastly, Mr Mark Copley will join other invited experts from across the inhalation community at the annual Management Forum conference on Inhaled Drug Delivery which takes place in London, on Nov 1st and 2nd. In a wide-ranging presentation he will provide an introduction to different inhaler device types – highlighting how design and method of use impact testing – review current regulatory requirements and discuss techniquesfor DDU testing and APSD measurement. The talk will conclude with insights on the latest advances in in vitro test methods, to improve bioequivalence testing and to achieve better in vitro in vivo correlations (IVIVCs).

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Copley Scientific Autumn Schedule

CAPTION: Copley Scientific is beginning a busy autumn conference schedule that provides multiple opportunities for expert engagement.

About Copley Scientific

Copley Scientific is widely recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of inhaler test equipment and is a major provider of testing systems for other pharmaceutical dosage forms. The company also supplies equipment for detergent testing.

Copley Scientific’s pharmaceutical product range includes test equipment for all types of orally inhaled and nasal drug products – metered-dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers, nebulizers and nasal sprays – with a particular focus on solutions for delivered dose uniformity and aerodynamic particle size distribution measurement. It also includes testers for tablets (dissolution, disintegration, friability and hardness) capsules, powders, suppositories, semisolids and transdermals.

Used from R&D through to QC, this extensive range of equipment is supported by a full validation and aftersales service. Copley Scientific has offices in the UK and Switzerland and works in partnership with aerosol particle science experts MSP Corporation in North America; specialist distributors extend localised support across the world. This network provides expert help and training to every customer, directly enhancing the application of all Copley Scientific products.