Automation for APSD Testing

Copley supplies a broad range of labour-saving devices and automated systems for Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution applications.

SPU 200i – Sample Preparation Unit

SPU 200i – Sample Preparation Unit

Ensuring full, reproducible drug recovery from the NGI, ACI and FP/Salmeterol Induction Ports and the NGI Preseparator, the Sample Preparation Unit SPU 200i automates repetitive drug recovery procedures, alleviating testing bottlenecks and reducing the unwanted effects of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Easy to use touchscreen interface

Programmable rinse cycle time – either by number of revolutions (0-9,999) or time (up to 8 hours)

Variable speed control (20-60 rpm ± 1 rpm)

Small benchtop footprint: 285 mm (w) x 335mm (d) – equipped with a single induction port fixture 420mm (w) x 335mm (d) – equipped with a single pre-separator

Frees up analyst time for other tasks

Full supporting IQ/OQ documentation is available

Product Features

Easy-to-use touchscreen interface

Reproducible sample preparation

Variable speed control for different dissolution applications

Ideal for use with Induction Ports and/or Preseparators

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