Automation for DDU Testing

Dose uniformity testing of orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs) generally requires the collection, recovery and assay of multiple doses, each one collected in a Dose Uniformity Sampling Apparatus (DUSA). Manual drug recovery from each DUSA can be time-consuming, prone to variability and may lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI).

DUSA Shaker™ DTS 100i

Achieve full, fast and repeatable delivered dose drug recovery with the DUSA Shaker DTS 100i. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface and adjustable shaking speeds, the DTS 100i automates the internal rinsing of both MDI and DPI DUSA collection tubes with greater ease than ever before.

  • Optimises busy workflows

  • Reduces out-of-specification result risk

  • Improves safe working practice

  • Boosts drug recovery throughput

DUSA Shaker™ DTS 100i

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DUSA Shaker DTS 100i™ – Technical Specifications
User interface
DUSA for MDIs: 10
DUSA for DPIs: 10
Rinsing Action
Shake only
Roll only
Shake and Roll
Shake Speed Range
20 – 200 RPM
Roller Speed
Fixed at 11.4 RPM
Run Time
Up to 100 hours
USB A, USB B, RS-232
Dimensions (w x d x h)
410 x 626 x 227 mm

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