New airborne fibre monitor from Copley Scientific

30 March 2009; Nottingham, UK: Copley Scientific has added the new Model 7400AD real-time fibre monitor from MSP Corporation to its range of air sampling equipment. Designed to automatically detect and count airborne fibres such as asbestos, mineral wool, advanced composites, ceramic and glass, the Model 7400AD emits a visible and audible alarm when concentrations reach user-defined levels. Non-fibrous background particles are automatically ignored.

The ability to detect potentially hazardous fibres in the air is essential before, during and after asbestos removal. It is also a key analytical device in manufacturing operations that use fibre raw materials and for monitoring air safety following uncontrolled releases, such as fires, earthquakes or explosions.

Housed within a compact unit, the 7400AD is field-portable with a rechargeable battery pack. Fully charged, it will operate unattended for up to eight hours while simultaneously collecting sample on standard filters for subsequent microscopic or chemical analysis. Each 7400AD is factory-calibrated with traceability to NIOSH Method 7400 for asbestos fibres and the on-board, specialised software allows users to set a range of performance features to customise the operation

In its partnership with MSP Corporation, Copley Scientific is a major supplier of equipment for air sampling and aerosol characterisation, in Europe. For comprehensive details of the Model 7400AD and other air sampling products, please visit

The new Model 7400AD

CAPTION: The new Model 7400AD


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