Flow Meters

Both DDU and APSD data can be severely compromised if the inlet flow rate (the flow rate at the entrance to the induction port or DUSA) used during testing is inaccurate and/or inconsistent, generating discrepancies with regard to its effects on both the cascade impactor itself and the inhaler under test.
Copley offers Flow Meters with the required range and accuracy to measure the flow in inhaler testing systems.

DFM 2000

DFM 2000 - Flow Meter

Operating on the basis of thermal mass principle, the Flow Meter model DFM 2000 has a range of 200 L/min, a resolution of 0.01 L/min between 0 and 90 L/min (0.1 L/min between 90 and 200 L/min) and an accuracy of +/- 2% of flow rate. Fitted with temperature and pressure sensors, the DFM 2000 is able to calculate the ambient volumetric flow rate and can also be used in-line (with supplied inlet filter).

DFM 2000 Features
Portable Hand-Held
Hot-Wire Mass Flow Principle
Flow Tube
Plastic with 1/2" hose fitting at inlet and outlet
0 - 200 L/min
+/- 2% of flow rate
0.01 L/min (0.1 L/min from 90 to 200 L/min)
Power Source
Universal mains input voltage
Flow Resistance
High (1.0 kPa @ 100 L/min)
Outlet flow calibration
For outlet flow (preferred)
Volumetric flow measurement
Accurate calculation from in-build T & P sensors
Inlet filter
Required in unfiltered laboratory environments
Use 'in-line'
Can be used 'in-line' (for non-pharmacopoeial methods)
Data Output
RS232 (Flow Rate & calibrate Data)
Factory calibration only

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