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Pharmaceutical Testing Brochure 2020 (96mb)

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American Pharmaceutical Review Article: Nov/Dec 2016 (2mb)

Performance Testing for Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery

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White Paper: October 2016 (807kb)

Understanding the links between drug delivery route and in vitro test methods

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European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Article: June 2016 (599kb)

On the Surface…testing strategies for topical semi-solids

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ONdrugDelivery Article: March 2016 (722kb)

Optimising In Vitro Testing for Transdermal and Topical Drug Products

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Pharmaceutical Technology White Paper 2011 (575kb)

Extending the quality and applicability of pharmaceutical dissolution testing

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Pharma Article 2010 (319kb)

Dissolution Testing Today – How Advanced Manufacturing Techniques Are Improving Calibration

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe Article 2010 (3mb)

Dissolution testing for inhaled drugs

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Dissolution Technologies Article 2010 (196kb)

Optimization of an In Vitro Dissolution Test Method for Inhalation Formulations

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Manufacturing Chemist 2008 (3mb)

Measuring powder flow characteristics – A test of quality

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