Catching up with the team planning regular expert insight on pharmaceutical testing.

This post marks a new venture for Copley Scientific, a regular blog that we hope will be a valued resource for those testing pharmaceuticals. We’re going to start by introducing you to the voices that will shape it, explain the why and how as we see it, and our aspiration for how it will develop. If we spark your interest, then

Copley Blog
Introducing the voices of the Copley blog: Jamie Clayton (Managing Director), Matthew Fenn (Head of Business Development), Clair Brooks (Applications Specialist), Ben Bradley (Head of Product Development) and Imran Haneef (Business Development Manager).

Why has Copley decided to start a blog?

Clair: We started thinking about a blog because we have a lot to say! Within Copley there’s so much understanding of pharmaceutical testing and best practice that we know can make a real difference to people’s day-to-day efficiency and success. This is especially true for orally inhaled and nasal drug product (OINDP) testing, an area synonymous with Copley. Testing pharmaceuticals is complex and still evolving with new people coming to the community on a regular basis and finding it hard to know how best to get started. We’re hoping to help.

Matthew: Copley has always contributed to the pharmaceutical testing conversation through established media and on the conference circuit and that’s not going to change. But with the blog we’ll be able to have a more freeform and regular dialogue that we hope will bring us closer to customers. We can be more responsive, go into detail where we need to, be informative but not formal, more like a one-to-one training session in the lab or a discussion with someone in the know.

Jamie: And the timing is right, Copley is growing fast, and we want to introduce customers to the faces new and old(er) that make-up our expertise and deliver the goods. I’m also keen to see us celebrating achievements in the pharmaceutical testing community, especially for those tackling key challenges.

What can I expect from the blog? What topics are you planning to cover?

Matthew: The focus will be information we know people need and want with something for everyone, novice or experienced. You can expect hints and tips, step-by-step guides, in-depth insights that draw on our experience in the industry, and foundation pieces that will ultimately form a ‘primer’ for those looking for the basics, in all the areas we have expertise. For example, we have introductory materials scheduled on different orally inhaled and nasal drug product (OINDP) device types and what they mean for testing and on cascade impaction, a core OINDP technique.”

Imran: There’ll be posts on all types of pharmaceutical testing; if you’re working with solid dosage forms, transdermals, or semi-solids you’re certainly assured of a good read. We’ll make it easy to follow themes you’re interested in and cut through to material you really want to read. One of our earliest pieces will be about how drug delivery route impacts test requirements for different pharmaceutical product forms – a fascinating topic.

Ben: We’re also addressing the automation of OINDP testing early on, as a lot of labs are facing especially heavy workloads associated with, for example, MDI reformulation with propellants of lower Global Warming Potential and the surge in development of nasal drug products. I’m looking forward to getting into the challenges of automation and how best to approach the topic.


What are your plans for the blog? How do you hope it will evolve?

Jamie: We’ll establish a regular schedule, so you can watch out for us, with links via all our social media channels; if you’re on our mailing list, you’ll be the first to hear about each new post. Providing its well-received we’ll be in it for the long haul. I would love to see the blog, years down the line as a well-used, easy to navigate treasure trove of information for anyone involved in pharmaceutical testing.

Clair: We’ve got plans but also the flexibility to be topical. If we see a topic rising up the agenda or becoming a common customer concern, then we’ll be on it. News and views from events will be a regular feature.

Ben: I’m looking forward to having the space to talk about design a little more and I know my colleagues in our Product Development team feel the same. Not for its own sake but because sometimes by understanding products better, customers can get that bit more from them or see how to use them to solve a new or different problem.

Imran: I can vividly remember needing to find information to get me started in the earliest days of my career. If we can provide easily digestable, highly relevant material that’s great to read then that will be an important contribution to the community.

Matthew: We’re hoping to build a valued resource that is both authoritative and engaging. It’s a big commitment for us but we are both energised and enthusiastic. We hope you’ll join us.

Catch our next blog tomorrow on Wednesday 11th October: From tablets to transdermals, inhalation to intranasal.

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