Poster: DDL 2022 (VRC)

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Matching Impactor Rise-Time Profiles with a Volume and Resistance Compensator

Abbreviated Impactor Measurement (AIM) has several perceived benefits for both R&D and QC applications. However, AIM has been found to result in differences in flow rate rise-time profiles compared to measurements with full resolution impactors. Differences in flow rate rise time profile are a recognised issue for DPI testing because of the dependence on rise-time for the actuation of DPI devices and subsequent dispersion and aerolisation of the dose. The difference in rise-time is due to the difference in volume and flow resistance between the full resolution impactors and abbreviated impactors.

The objective of this investigation was to determine whether flow rate rise-time profiles can be matched between full and abbreviated impactors, using a novel Volume and Flow Resistance Compensator, to ensure comparable test conditions can be achieved.