Poster: RDD 2024

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Reducing Variability in the Inhaler Testing Environment

Laboratories invest significant effort and resource into variability reduction. However, experience suggests that inadequate environmental control is a prevalent issue in inhaler testing laboratories globally, due to factors such as fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity (RH) throughout the day, across seasons, or due to various in-use factors such as the presence of analysts or equipment.

Despite the difficulty in quantifying its impact, there is ample awareness of the susceptibility of inhaler testing to such fluctuations and electrostatic effects, emphasising the importance of effective environmental control.

While full climate control may seem ideal, it incurs significant initial investment and ongoing expenses. Alternatively, stand-alone climate-controlled chambers offer a cost-effective solution with enhanced flexibility.

Objective: To investigate whether EnviroMate™, a benchtop environmental control chamber, is effective in maintaining consistent temperature and relative humidity conditions, compared with ambient laboratory conditions.