Environmental Control

Both Ph. Eur. and USP specifically reference the control of environmental conditions in cases where temperature and/or humidity limits are stated on the product label and/or it is specified in the relevant monograph. However, it is also good practice to implement environmental controls across all DDU and APSD testing applications to reduce variability and improve the accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility of data. We offer a range of cost-effective tools designed to help mitigate the impact of localised environmental conditions on OINDP test data integrity.

EnviroMate™ – Benchtop Environmental Chamber

Accommodating all types of dose uniformity sampling apparatus and cascade impactor, EnviroMate™ is a cost-effective, compact, benchtop solution for analysts struggling to achieve stable environmental conditions for delivered dose uniformity (DDU) and aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) testing. Maintaining uniform temperature and humidity distribution throughout the chamber, whilst the built-in anti-static system minimises the effects of electrostatic charge, EnviroMate provides analysts with consistent environmental control in the immediate test area, enhancing OINDP test data accuracy and repeatability.

  • Designed specifically for OINDP testing

  • Sensitive temperature and relative humidity sensors ensure accurate performance

  • Access ports and quick connectors enable interfacing with externally located ancillaries

  • No routine maintenance required

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EnviroMate™ – Benchtop Environmental Chamber

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EnviroMate™ – Technical Specifications
User interface
Digital display with set-point control buttons
Ambient temperature
16 – 28ºC
Temperature control range
17 – 35ºC
Temperature control accuracy
Typically ±2ºC
Ambient humidity
35 – 85% RH
Humidity control range
15 – 85% RH
Humidity control accuracy
Typically ±5% RH
Electrostatic minimisation system
Included as standard
Ancillary connector ports
2 x ports for quick-release connectors (left and right) | 2 x ports for cables (left and right) | 2 x ports for interface with BRS 200i and NGI Cooler™ (right)
280 litres
Compressed Air Supply Fitting
6 mm OD Push-Fit
5 to 8 bar (G)
Unit dimensions (w x d x h)
1258 x 761 x 890 mm
EnviroMate NGI Cooler
EnviroMate™ with NGI Cooler™ for nebuliser testing

EnviroMate™ – Additional Applications

In addition to OINDP-based testing, EnviroMate™ is also ideal for a broad range of other pharmaceutical laboratory testing applications where variability in ambient environmental conditions can have an impact on data integrity, for example powder flowability and bulk/tapped density testing.

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