Copley Scientific introduces a unique sample preparation system for truly automated real-time flow cytometry

23 July 2008; Nottingham, UK: The new MSP Model 5000 FlowCytoPrep Sample Preparation System (5000 FCP SPS), available from Copley Scientific, is a revolutionary biological sample preparation system that automates the laborious and time-consuming manual steps of flow cytometry.

When interfaced with a flow cytometer, the FlowCytoPrep enables truly automated real-time analysis, encompassing sampling, washing, fixing, staining, diluting and injecting. Highly accurate, reproducible and detailed cell population analysis can be conducted without the need for operator intervention.

“The patented FlowCytoPrep is a real breakthrough for flow cytometry users,” said Mark Copley, Sales Manager for Copley Scientific. “It seamlessly interfaces with commercially available flow cytometers, providing total automation of sampling, sample preparation and sample injection. The system’s user-friendly design allows the implementation of most user-specific protocols; and it is suitable for use with spores, bacteria, yeasts and mammalian cells.”

The FlowCytoPrep operates at speeds of up to one sample every two minutes. Samples are diluted and processed in a micro-reactor where the surrounding fluid can be arbitrarily exchanged while retaining the cells. This permits fixing of the cells and exposure to reagents in precisely controlled and highly reproducible reactions. After washing, the cells can be injected into the flow cytometer automatically. The highly accurate liquid transfer system of the FCP can even be used to drive the sample flow or sheath flow in the flow cytometer itself. Between samples, the fluid lines can be flushed and sterilized to prevent cross-contamination. Depending on the flow cytometer used, up to 16 parameters can be measured automatically for each biological sample.

The instrument can operate as a stand-alone unit for processing manually fed samples or can be directly interfaced with one or several cell culture vessels for sterile automatic sampling of bioreactor contents.

CAPTION: MSP Model 5000 FlowCytoPrep

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