Semisolids Testing

Copley offers the HDT Series designed for the assessment of drug release from semisolid formulations. The range includes innovative dry-heat systems and the more traditional water-jacketed heating systems.

HDT 1000

Control is provided via a user-friendly membrane keypad with test parameters displayed clearly on a backlit LCD screen

Up to 10 cells accommodated per test run

Easy to access sampling ports

Insulation helps maintain temperature stability

Heating block eradicates use of water-jacketed cells

Small unit footprint saves previous benchtop space

HDT 1000

With a precision dry heating system and integrated powerful magnetic stirrers, the compact HDT 1000 vertical diffusion cell tester from Copley has become the benchmark system for many labs.

Using an innovative heating block approach, the HDT 1000 eradicates the difficulties and the “spaghetti” of tubing associated with water-jacketed cell systems and accommodates either endpoint or discrete manual sampling techniques. A dedicated stirrer mounted beneath each station ensures thorough mixing throughout testing for accurate sampling.

Catalogue Number:


Pharmacopoeial Compliance:

USP <1724>

Cell Capacity:

Up to 10 vertical diffusion cells

Cell Types Supported:

B, C and Skin

Heating System:

Dry heating block

Sampling Technique Compatibility:

Endpoint, Discrete, Fully automatic

Unit Dimensions (w x d x h):

80 x 325 x 145 mm

Key HDT 1000 Highlights

USP Compliant

Innovative dry heat system removes hassle and ‘spaghetti’ of tubing associated with water-based heating system

Precision control over all test parameters

Novel cell clamps simplify cell preparation

Powerful magnetic stirrers ensure consistent mixing during testing

HDT unit footprint is smaller than an A4 piece of paper

Related Accessories

Cells: Type ‘B’ and ‘C’

Copley’s Type ‘B’ and ‘C’ cells feature a unique clamping system to simplify cell preparation and sample collection procedures. Cells are supplied complete with individual cell tops for both ‘closed or occluded’ operation (as per USP Model ‘A’) and ‘open’ operation (as per USP Models ‘B’ and ‘C’ respectively, maximising the versatility of the HDT 1000 and HDT-1 systems.

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Cells: Type ‘B’ and ‘C’

Cells: Skin

To accommodate ‘full thickness’ membranes or skin, a new screw-type cell closure mechanism has been developed for the skin specific cell that ensures proper contact between the sample and the receptor medium. All components of the cell are made from FDA-approved inert materials and a side sampling arm facilitates easy filling, sample withdrawal and media replacement.

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Cells: Skin


Copley offers a range of three synthetic membranes: PVDF, Supor Polyethersulfone and Strat-M.

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The Vacuum Deaeration Apparatus Model, VDA, from Copley is an easy-to-use and inexpensive unit designed to degas receptor medium prior to its use, ensuring that diffusion is unimpeded by the collection of gas beneath the membrane.

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Immersion Cell

  • An alternative to the Vertical Diffusion or Franz Cell for testing semisolids, the Immersion Cell (USP Model A) is described with the conventional USP Apparatus 2 for Dissolution testing.
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