Inhaler Testing Workstation™ (ITW)

Optimising OINDP testing workflows by aiding the handling and manipulation of the test apparatus and accessories, the purpose-built ITW is a modular workstation suitable for both DDU and APSD applications. The ITW offers analysts the flexibility to pick and choose the attachments necessary for their test set-up needs. Simply connect the required attachments and start testing with greater ease.

Inhaler Testing Workstation™ ITW – APSD Measurement

The ITW provides a stable support for the impactor during testing, together with the flow meter.

  • Stable and secure platform for test components

  • Quick-slide attachments for rapid method change

  • Supplied with Quick-Release Connectors for easy interfacing

  • Suitable for both right- and left-handed configurations

  • Flexible configurations to suit different testing requirements

The Inhaler Testing Workstation™ (ITW)

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DFM4 Flow Meter Holder

Also compatible with:

  • Multi-Stage Liquid Impinger (MSLI)
  • Fast Screening Andersen (FSA)

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